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Sporting Clays Association of North Carolina


  1. It is everyone’s responsibility to report any unsafe shooting condition or action immediately to Shoot Officials.

  2. Mandatory Eye and Ear Protection - All persons, spectators, shooters, field judges and trap personnel, must wear eye and ear protection on the course at a tournament sanctioned by NSCA.

  3. The use of horizontal gun racks or horizontal gun cases are not permitted. Horizontal gun racks may not be used on any manner of conveyance or on a course where any part of the body of a shooter or guest may pass in front of a firearm’s muzzle, whether the firearm is loaded or not. Failure to enforce this rule may subject the club to disciplinary action under Rule I-B-4.

  4. Trap Personnel Protection - All trap personnel in front of the line of fire must be out of sight with screen protection 15 able to withstand the charge of shot at the given distance.

  5. All shooting stations must require the shooter (except wheelchair shooters) to engage all targets from the standing position.

  6. Shooters must have the permission of a Field Judge to test fire any gun. Guns will be discharged only in attempt at competition targets.

  7. The first person on every squad shall be allowed to view a good presentation of targets from within the shoot station. This is not limited to one pair. This person is the only person permitted to mount their unloaded gun and track the targets being viewed.

  8. It is the sole responsibility of the shooter to begin any event, station and/or field with sufficient equipment, including safety equipment and ammunition. Failure to do so, which, in the opinion of the Field Judge will delay the shoot, will result in the loss of all targets as required to keep the shoot moving. Make-up targets will be provided only at the discretion of the Shoot Officials.

  9. The shooting stations must be positioned in such a way that all shooters, trappers, and spectators are protected from shot/target fall. Additionally, the shooting stations must be designed to restrict dangerous gun hold/movement.

  10. Target Drop Zones must be clear of ALL shooters and spectators.

  11. Course Design Safety is the sole responsibility of the Range Owner/Shoot Officials.

  12. The shooter must fire with his/her gun shouldered for all targets.

  13. The use of any drug, legal or illegal, including alcohol, prior to or during an NSCA event by a registered competitor is prohibited with the exception of prescription medicine, which does not impair a shooters ability to perform safely. Alcohol may not be in any area where shooting activities are taking place.

  14. Failure to comply with the NSCA Safety Rules may subject the Range Owner/Shoot Officials/Competitor to possible suspension.

  15. Shotgun shooting safety is everyone’s responsibility.

  16. Safety Zone - When a shooter is in the process of shooting, no one (other than the Referee/Trapper) is allowed within three feet (3’) of the shooter. There will be an imaginary line three feet behind the shooter that will extend along the entire station.

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