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Sporting Clays Association of North Carolina

SCANC Shooting Etiquette for Tournaments and Recreational Shooting

  1. Follow all posted Club and NSCA rules.

  2. Follow all Club and NSCA rules regarding safety – be a safety monitor for others.

  3. Do not crowd the squad in front of you. Never step in front of another squad member, in either your own group, or especially someone in the squad ahead of you – to view targets.

  4. If appropriate – allow faster squads to shoot through.

  5. Keep your conversations low when others are shooting.

  6. Never offer advice to other shooters unless advice is sought from the shooter – especially when that person is in the shooting stand.

  7. Be sure you are prepared when it is your turn in the shooting stand.

    1. Pay attention to the shooter rotation.

    2. Make sure you have sufficient shells – plus a few extra – to shoot the station.

    3. Make any choke changes prior to stepping into the stand – unless you are the first shooter.

    4. Pick up empties only after the whole squad has shot the station.

    5. Make sure your gun is properly maintained to prevent repeated malfunctions.

  8. Watch the show pair(s). Don’t hold up other squads by not paying attention.

  9. If given a “start time” at a station – be on time (at least 10 minutes early).

  10. Observe cart rules and be aware of associated cart noise.

    1. Never make a great deal of noise when driving past other squads who are in the act of shooting.

    2. Never impede the cart path of the squad in front.

    3. Do not drive carts at excessive speed on the course. It creates dust and can be dangerous.

  11. Put all your trash in the proper containers.

  12. If you are a smoker, be courteous to the non-smokers – watch which way the wind is blowing.

  13. Be patient with the beginners – help them when appropriate.

  14. Be patient with the older shooters – they paved the way for you.

  15. Be kind to the trappers – even if they make a bad call – they really did not mean to.

  16. When scoring for each other – make sure you are scoring on the correct card for the correct station. Write neatly – X’s and O’s are preferred.

  17. If you have a bad station – watch your language and your actions. Don’t let your bad station result in someone else having a bad station – and you a bad reputation.

  18. Observe the “Golden Rule” when it comes to participating in sporting clays. If that rule has to be explained to you – please consider taking up another sport.

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